Sunday, 11 October 2015

You're Such A Bitch, Girl

So here am I.. after months of not writing in this blog, I finally come back and writing stuff again. The funny thing is that, this time I was so pissed off that I decided to write down every shit that happened. And yes, I used the not-good-words already. So much of growing up I guess.

I don't know why I have so much hatred for this one girl. I am not interested to describe her at all, but whatever she did were more than enough to make people hate her more. You know when you are in control of a group of people or a society, you have this responsible to serve your people and do what's best for them. In our case, she was responsible to defend our so-called-tradition that we don't wanna lose. She was in charge because senior should be replaced by the next generation.

I was doing that tradition for two years and I am so attached with it ever since I was in my freshman year. Me and my friends hold on so tight with the tradition, call us old-school or whatever, but we kept our treasure deep inside us.

But when this bitch took over the job to lead our group, we were in a dispute where the admin were planning to make a new project and move on with the tradition. Well the tradition is actually the every year cultural nights that each ethnic in our college are in charge to do. It was our only thing to proud of as a minority group in this college.

Nevertheless, the voice of every people is being counted. So every group of ethnic must decide to do each of cultural night of just combine it into one. A meeting was held between us which includes all the junior and senior. The majority of the votes leads to a decision which we stand up for our own cultural night. We are so gonna make it and fight for it. That was the final decision that was written on the meeting's report. And that was also the decision that that bitch should have brought up to the admin.

And to our surprise, she did not. She betray our democracy and majority decision with her selfish evil plan of rejecting to continue doing our tradition event. What she did during the admin's meeting came to my knowledge and it just switch on these beast mode and bitch mode inside of me.

Which means that, I am so gonna shoot her in the next meeting that gather our group and during that moment, you are so gonna be dead meat bitch.

Enough of giving you so much chances to prove yourself that you're actually aren't as bad as what we with think,but you just make it even worst. I have lost respect to you bitch.

You betray a tradition because you have your own agenda to make yourself famous of doing a so-called-big project which none of us actually think that you are capable to do it. Because you are never able to do anything. Maybe you should first learn to change your attitude and do you job instead of making us hate you more for being such a bitch.

Are you that desperate to chase for fame? You never learn to carry your responsibility and what makes me feel so disgusting about you is that you do not represent your people to the best of your ability. Yet, you betray them. And it simply define that you don't deserve to be a leader. You never will.