Thursday, 5 July 2012

Prayer for My Muet: Speaking

Yesterday was the biggest day of any days in July.. its MUET day.. n for yesterday, I sat on MUET: SPEAKING. the night before that, I text lots of my frens, asking them to pray for me. I got a lot of good responds.. my dearly classmates (Piranalands) and some of my closest frens.. they were all pray for me.. I feel blessed. I'm feeling lucky cuz lots of people loves me and care for me.. :)

Among all the good responds that I got, I was touched by this one single text from someone. Saying :

"Ini saya. (Name of the person - sorry but I have to make it secret) Insyaallah.. Jgn risau kak.. Biar la saya wakilkan kakak utk solat hajat.. Nnt jam 2 mlm sy solat hajat, sbb lbh afdal dn mudah dimakbulkan.. smoga berjaya kak.. Amin.."

He's a good boy.. I am very thankful to him.. He's one year younger than me.. My junior at SMK Jalan Apas.. I prayed that God will repay his kindness to him.. He actually made me feel worthy in this world.. I never imagined that someone willingly perform prayer ---> "solat hajat" for me..  Such a good kid.. May God bless you always dear boy..

So, talking about MUET: Speaking, avything went well yesterday for me..but the whole group, I dun think so. "This is b'coz" ..hahahaha.. well, my groupmates was too nervous. They were less talk. For task A, three of my groupmates were keep silent most of the time.. Eija only greet the examiners and fellow candids, but then she keeo silent.. and so does Farah and Mustaqim.. my goodness.. I can't say much about them.. for task A, I talk too much n did not make it to conclude my opinions..

Meanwhile, for task B, O~ my God.. Disaster.. I try my best to urge my friends to talk, but they keep silent.. silent.. refuse to talk.. and bite their tongue.. :'( sobbs~ sobbs~ ..I persuade candid A, B and D to talk to me, give me their point of view or just simply say whether they agree or not wif me.. ermmmm, anyway, I just give my best.. thinking of them, I dun know if I was being mean as they were very down and upset wif themselves. :'(

okay, my topic for Speaking was about  a person wana further his/her study to a higher education, so, what will be the most useful source to seek for information..

Candid A- talking to parents and relatives.
Candid B- going to exhibition or public shows
Candid C- source of media
Candid D- meet the counsellor

Pretty easy right, but the nervous almost killed us..hehehe. I can only pray and hope for the best now.. I am candid C. I talk about media as a worldwide source, without boundries, closer to the students and provide lots of latest news.. so, I am now  be prepared for Reading, Writing and Listening.. oh God, please help me and bless me.. :)

Oh ya, before I forgot, my examiner is handsome!!! hahaha.. he looks like Iqram Dinzly.. what amazed me is that his English is very good and I love to hear every words that come out from his mouth.. He's soft-spoken and kind.. Credit for him. :)

so, I ges thats all for my story about Muet: Speaking.. "Yes, I agree wif you".. hahaha.
I sleep a lot dis few days, my goodness.. When will I change.?? May-May !! Exam is around the corner.. promise yourself, today is the last day you did that not useful and bring no benefit habit !

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Yeepii!!!.. Speaking task is over.. ^,^

what~ a great day !! full of excitement and was overwhelmed by the nervousness.. grrrr~ Its was raining as I woke up 5.15 a.m in the morning.. woah! I remember dat the rain started from 1.00 a.m in the morning.. a very long hours of raining.. I wonder if he did make it 'solat hajat' for me.. Thank Heaven if he does, but even if he didn't make it, I'll still be thankful to him.. a very good boy indeed.. :)

Lets get started my story of the day.. so, after recess, (10.00 a.m), we went straight to the counselor's room. we waited there before we go into the examination room. the atmosphere was mix wif lots of feelings. we were scared, nervous, happy, excited, thrilled n many more feelings ! hahaha. oh my english!!.

as Andik n Rynn came out from the examination's room, we attacked them wif lots of questions.. hehe. we asked about how did they do?? their question, the examiners, did they say much things n so on.. but, the ONE and ONLY thing that caught my attention was the examiner is HANDSOME.. hahahaha.. my goodness!! really??! I totally can't wait to see the examiner face to face.. ~winks.

so, as the clock was tik..tok..tik..tok.. we were called by one of the examiner called Murphy. grrr~ so nervous.. I think it was near 11.30 a.m .. the environment of the room was good and pleasent.. all of my worries and anxiety were gone as I went inside of the room. yet, my hands were shaking and I can't help it..hehehehe. but, I feel calm and comfortable at that moment.. I pray a lot.. n I know my friends pray a lot for me too.. that is why I can have the serenity in my heart and mind. :)

so, the task started. the question is about me (I put myself as the person in the Q) who wants to have a higher education. so, from which source that I can ask about the matter regard. the points given are :

Candidate A : talking to parents and relatives
Candidate B : from the exhibitions or any public shows
Candidate C : source from the media
Candidate D : talking to the counselor

I am Candidate C, so I talked about media.. giving my point about media as the worldwide source, without boundries, provide latest news and information, closer to the people and sharing of avything from the mass media including the top ranking U's and courses that are available.. I talked pretty fast and louder (I ges so). I did not manage to make my conclusion cos I talked too much! Idiot!.

from task A we move on to task discussion.. It was a disaster.. Y did I said like that? okay, here's the thing, my friends Eija, Farah and Boboi keep silent most of the time during the discussion. I try to help them out by asking them to talked to me.. Urge them to give their point of view, but they didn't do much.. Farah say a little thing.. I try to ask her question, but then she keep silent.. whereas Boboi did not agree wif me, he give me one point but then he keep quiet.. Eija didn't say anything.. her face went red all the time.. I wonder if she was too nervous or what? I was trapped in my own question.. I try to invite avyone talking but they did not help me much.. ;(  b'cos of the silent atmosphere, the examiner, Mr.Handsome asked me to give my opinion first.. I love his English. he said, 'y dun u give your opinion first Candidate C'..

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Trembling B'coz of Fear

Its my big day tomorrow.. I dunno how to explain my feeling rite now. I am very nervous, scared, excited n mostly thrilled ! hehehe.. How not, cos tomorrow I'll be sitting for my MUET: SPEAKING. I'm afraid that I can't answer their question. No matter how good you speak in English, but if you can't find the points of your topic, YOU DIE !. grrrrrr~

I can only hope for the best rite now.. I have a lot of sample questions for the last few year exams on MUET: SPEAKING.. the topic is quite hard but some of them are easy b'coz its based on KBKK (skills to think creatively and critically) .. BUT! as you walk to the exam's room, do you think you can think calmly?! absolutely NO. b'coz your will be overwhelmed by your fear!! FEAR oh FEAR..please be good to me, come for the goodness not for the badness. :)

I wana text all my friend tonight, asking them to pray for me. Their prayer (next to family's prayer) are very-very (oh my english!) important to me.. Oh God, please bless me tomorrow. Help me Jesus. Hopefully my exam may run smoothly. I'm terrified !

I also wana pray for my dear classmates n groupmates. I pray that they can do their best. May their fear will not gona make it difficult for them to focus. I know they can do it, they just need to be more confident n not afraid too much. the same goes to me. ~winks.

Oh ya, btw, today is my teacher bufday. Felly L.Umbul. I used to call her Ms.Felly, but she's oready tied the knot, so now I called her Madam Felly. hehehe. Teacher, I miss you so much! Have a blessed birthday this year. I missed the moment when we celebrated you bufday in 2009. I made surprise for you, I bake a cake n I suddenly appeared in the class where you're teaching. hehehe. You were surprised and happy. I really missed the moments wif you. You're far away now (at Tenom which is her hometown) yet I still can reach you by using Facebook. I dunno your phone number. I wana call you if I have a freetime later.

Oh dear.. Its time for me to prepare for my big day tomorrow. I promise to update avything that happen tomorrow. to write about how things go tomorrow. anyway, put a sincere smile on my face n be humble. I hope the examiners will be fascinated wif me tomorrow..hehehe. I'll be myself. 

Confident is important when it come to English. Its my secret of success. no one can help you, except yourself. dun be shy when it come to English, nevertheless dun be cocky. ! English is not something that you can be proud of, its a responsibility. you need to use your ability wisely.

Hopefully avything goes well tomorrow. Oh Heavenly Father, bless me. Please help me to get a better result for my MUET. To get the suitable level for me to be someone like a lawyer. I wana get Band6. hehehe. but, please bless me to get Band4 or Band5. Its more than enaf. But I'll work it out to get Band6. I said this things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


A Day Before MUET

Its July 3rd oready.. I'll sit on my MUET: Speaking on July 4th.. Less than 24h to go.. grrr~ I'm very nervous right now.. the only thing that I can do is to pray. May God bless me. Amen.. I'll do my very best for speaking.. I'll put an extra effort to work it out by today.. :)

Its Monday yesterday, n I face a hard time.. I woke up late b'coz I went to bed very late --> at 3a.m . I was busy writing notes for MUET. Too busy till I didn't realize the clock was clicking.. moving.. and it never stop.. I was very sleepy during assembly. :( I yawned for a few times wif my watery eyes.. The assembly took more than an hour. My goodness, I didn't grumble,I just stay quite cos my brain was tired. The sch give prizes for the students who did very well during last exam. For those who got the first to the third place in class..but based on the level set. For Form6 studs, Art - nid to achieve pointer of 2.75 above, meanwhile, for Science - 2.50 above. I got the first place in class wif my pointer 3.17 . It was not good enaf. n I dun think I deserve to go up to the stage and take the prize. :( but, Thank You Jesus, that prize is a bless from You.. I am very grateful for that.

I did not off to home directly after sch was over. I stayed at sch wif my frens. Discussing and preparing for MUET. we have a good time together.. strengthen the bond between us. when I reached town, I went to Maybank for transaction. I reached home at 4.30p.m . Jesus! How tired I was. I fell asleep wif my sch uniform, then I got up at 10p.m in the night. My goodness! A very long sleep. My brain was too tired, plus I was too sleepy. I did not have my dinner until now. Damn so hungry. I'll eat at sch, 1st thing in the morning tomorrow.

I nid to check on my history essay right after this. so I dunno what time I'll go to bed tonight. I am very crazy. It was like I am torturing myself. Lack of sleep, lack of rest n starving. May oh May, please dun keep on doing this. I did not take good care of myself. :( I'll try my best not to do this frequently. 

Recently, I have finished reading a novel titled 'Ayat-Ayat Cinta' . Des no word that I can say to express my feeling about the novel. That novel is spectacular. I admire the author. The way he wrote the novel is interesting n I can easily fell in love wif the theme of the novel and all the issue that he explained in his novel. I love the character that he wrote. Its a very great novel. I'm looking forward to buy another 3 novels that he (Habiburahman) wrote, which are KCB1, KCB2 and DMC .. I've been waiting for a long time for the novels, I just have to collect money to get it now. ~winks.

I'm in the process to change myself right now. Say that I'm freak, but I'm trying to be as good as Aisyah and Maria from the AAC novel. trying to take care of my personality as a girl. In this world, there are a lot of girl who did not act like a real girl. I'll explained it next time, I'll try to find the materials first before I tell the reality of the nowadays girl.

Gotta go rite now. Time for me to study. Goodnight Heaven.

---> I wonder if Heaven have the days and nights??