Thursday, 5 July 2012

Prayer for My Muet: Speaking

Yesterday was the biggest day of any days in July.. its MUET day.. n for yesterday, I sat on MUET: SPEAKING. the night before that, I text lots of my frens, asking them to pray for me. I got a lot of good responds.. my dearly classmates (Piranalands) and some of my closest frens.. they were all pray for me.. I feel blessed. I'm feeling lucky cuz lots of people loves me and care for me.. :)

Among all the good responds that I got, I was touched by this one single text from someone. Saying :

"Ini saya. (Name of the person - sorry but I have to make it secret) Insyaallah.. Jgn risau kak.. Biar la saya wakilkan kakak utk solat hajat.. Nnt jam 2 mlm sy solat hajat, sbb lbh afdal dn mudah dimakbulkan.. smoga berjaya kak.. Amin.."

He's a good boy.. I am very thankful to him.. He's one year younger than me.. My junior at SMK Jalan Apas.. I prayed that God will repay his kindness to him.. He actually made me feel worthy in this world.. I never imagined that someone willingly perform prayer ---> "solat hajat" for me..  Such a good kid.. May God bless you always dear boy..

So, talking about MUET: Speaking, avything went well yesterday for me..but the whole group, I dun think so. "This is b'coz" ..hahahaha.. well, my groupmates was too nervous. They were less talk. For task A, three of my groupmates were keep silent most of the time.. Eija only greet the examiners and fellow candids, but then she keeo silent.. and so does Farah and Mustaqim.. my goodness.. I can't say much about them.. for task A, I talk too much n did not make it to conclude my opinions..

Meanwhile, for task B, O~ my God.. Disaster.. I try my best to urge my friends to talk, but they keep silent.. silent.. refuse to talk.. and bite their tongue.. :'( sobbs~ sobbs~ ..I persuade candid A, B and D to talk to me, give me their point of view or just simply say whether they agree or not wif me.. ermmmm, anyway, I just give my best.. thinking of them, I dun know if I was being mean as they were very down and upset wif themselves. :'(

okay, my topic for Speaking was about  a person wana further his/her study to a higher education, so, what will be the most useful source to seek for information..

Candid A- talking to parents and relatives.
Candid B- going to exhibition or public shows
Candid C- source of media
Candid D- meet the counsellor

Pretty easy right, but the nervous almost killed us..hehehe. I can only pray and hope for the best now.. I am candid C. I talk about media as a worldwide source, without boundries, closer to the students and provide lots of latest news.. so, I am now  be prepared for Reading, Writing and Listening.. oh God, please help me and bless me.. :)

Oh ya, before I forgot, my examiner is handsome!!! hahaha.. he looks like Iqram Dinzly.. what amazed me is that his English is very good and I love to hear every words that come out from his mouth.. He's soft-spoken and kind.. Credit for him. :)

so, I ges thats all for my story about Muet: Speaking.. "Yes, I agree wif you".. hahaha.
I sleep a lot dis few days, my goodness.. When will I change.?? May-May !! Exam is around the corner.. promise yourself, today is the last day you did that not useful and bring no benefit habit !

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