Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Yeepii!!!.. Speaking task is over.. ^,^

what~ a great day !! full of excitement and was overwhelmed by the nervousness.. grrrr~ Its was raining as I woke up 5.15 a.m in the morning.. woah! I remember dat the rain started from 1.00 a.m in the morning.. a very long hours of raining.. I wonder if he did make it 'solat hajat' for me.. Thank Heaven if he does, but even if he didn't make it, I'll still be thankful to him.. a very good boy indeed.. :)

Lets get started my story of the day.. so, after recess, (10.00 a.m), we went straight to the counselor's room. we waited there before we go into the examination room. the atmosphere was mix wif lots of feelings. we were scared, nervous, happy, excited, thrilled n many more feelings ! hahaha. oh my english!!.

as Andik n Rynn came out from the examination's room, we attacked them wif lots of questions.. hehe. we asked about how did they do?? their question, the examiners, did they say much things n so on.. but, the ONE and ONLY thing that caught my attention was the examiner is HANDSOME.. hahahaha.. my goodness!! really??! I totally can't wait to see the examiner face to face.. ~winks.

so, as the clock was tik..tok..tik..tok.. we were called by one of the examiner called Murphy. grrr~ so nervous.. I think it was near 11.30 a.m .. the environment of the room was good and pleasent.. all of my worries and anxiety were gone as I went inside of the room. yet, my hands were shaking and I can't help it..hehehehe. but, I feel calm and comfortable at that moment.. I pray a lot.. n I know my friends pray a lot for me too.. that is why I can have the serenity in my heart and mind. :)

so, the task started. the question is about me (I put myself as the person in the Q) who wants to have a higher education. so, from which source that I can ask about the matter regard. the points given are :

Candidate A : talking to parents and relatives
Candidate B : from the exhibitions or any public shows
Candidate C : source from the media
Candidate D : talking to the counselor

I am Candidate C, so I talked about media.. giving my point about media as the worldwide source, without boundries, provide latest news and information, closer to the people and sharing of avything from the mass media including the top ranking U's and courses that are available.. I talked pretty fast and louder (I ges so). I did not manage to make my conclusion cos I talked too much! Idiot!.

from task A we move on to task discussion.. It was a disaster.. Y did I said like that? okay, here's the thing, my friends Eija, Farah and Boboi keep silent most of the time during the discussion. I try to help them out by asking them to talked to me.. Urge them to give their point of view, but they didn't do much.. Farah say a little thing.. I try to ask her question, but then she keep silent.. whereas Boboi did not agree wif me, he give me one point but then he keep quiet.. Eija didn't say anything.. her face went red all the time.. I wonder if she was too nervous or what? I was trapped in my own question.. I try to invite avyone talking but they did not help me much.. ;(  b'cos of the silent atmosphere, the examiner, Mr.Handsome asked me to give my opinion first.. I love his English. he said, 'y dun u give your opinion first Candidate C'..

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