Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Trembling B'coz of Fear

Its my big day tomorrow.. I dunno how to explain my feeling rite now. I am very nervous, scared, excited n mostly thrilled ! hehehe.. How not, cos tomorrow I'll be sitting for my MUET: SPEAKING. I'm afraid that I can't answer their question. No matter how good you speak in English, but if you can't find the points of your topic, YOU DIE !. grrrrrr~

I can only hope for the best rite now.. I have a lot of sample questions for the last few year exams on MUET: SPEAKING.. the topic is quite hard but some of them are easy b'coz its based on KBKK (skills to think creatively and critically) .. BUT! as you walk to the exam's room, do you think you can think calmly?! absolutely NO. b'coz your will be overwhelmed by your fear!! FEAR oh FEAR..please be good to me, come for the goodness not for the badness. :)

I wana text all my friend tonight, asking them to pray for me. Their prayer (next to family's prayer) are very-very (oh my english!) important to me.. Oh God, please bless me tomorrow. Help me Jesus. Hopefully my exam may run smoothly. I'm terrified !

I also wana pray for my dear classmates n groupmates. I pray that they can do their best. May their fear will not gona make it difficult for them to focus. I know they can do it, they just need to be more confident n not afraid too much. the same goes to me. ~winks.

Oh ya, btw, today is my teacher bufday. Felly L.Umbul. I used to call her Ms.Felly, but she's oready tied the knot, so now I called her Madam Felly. hehehe. Teacher, I miss you so much! Have a blessed birthday this year. I missed the moment when we celebrated you bufday in 2009. I made surprise for you, I bake a cake n I suddenly appeared in the class where you're teaching. hehehe. You were surprised and happy. I really missed the moments wif you. You're far away now (at Tenom which is her hometown) yet I still can reach you by using Facebook. I dunno your phone number. I wana call you if I have a freetime later.

Oh dear.. Its time for me to prepare for my big day tomorrow. I promise to update avything that happen tomorrow. to write about how things go tomorrow. anyway, put a sincere smile on my face n be humble. I hope the examiners will be fascinated wif me tomorrow..hehehe. I'll be myself. 

Confident is important when it come to English. Its my secret of success. no one can help you, except yourself. dun be shy when it come to English, nevertheless dun be cocky. ! English is not something that you can be proud of, its a responsibility. you need to use your ability wisely.

Hopefully avything goes well tomorrow. Oh Heavenly Father, bless me. Please help me to get a better result for my MUET. To get the suitable level for me to be someone like a lawyer. I wana get Band6. hehehe. but, please bless me to get Band4 or Band5. Its more than enaf. But I'll work it out to get Band6. I said this things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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