Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The End of Uni-Life.. I'm Struggling...

After a year of break, here I am writing again. My last post was in 2015, and I stop writing in 2016 due to packed schedule and studying so hard for my Law degree, so now I'm back to blog again 'cos I have nothing to do at the moment a.k.a jobless after I have finished my final exam last June. Ha-Ha.

Life has been boring, boring and so boring since I've done my final exam. I spent two weeks looking for a part time job, went to interview, and still waiting for a call after the interview. It's quite tough, thou I'm living in KL, the so called major city and a lot of works opportunity. Not sure if I'm being picky or just that something refrain me from applying jobs that I can't fulfill the requirements.

But, yeah, I can't give up so easily in finding a job, right? I've heard people being jobless for years and I really hope I am not in that category of people. In the meantime while waiting, I should get myself together and learn something new everyday, so that my days won't go away wasted with useless life routine.

I am currently waiting for my final exam result. It will be out within 6 days, I'm so nervous and scared. It will determine whether or not I will be able to graduate this October. Lets hope and pray that I will, with a great result. :') Amen..

In the meantime, I'm staying with my brothers (as always for four years already). They are doing good and I hope I will too. Lets hope that I will write a better post next time cuz I'm out of words already. 😄😄😄

Anyway, pray your little prayers, angel. Better things are coming for those who waits. :)

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