Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Farewell 2012, Hello 2013

Year of 2012 has come to an end a day ago.. I celebrate the New Year's Eve at my home sweet home with my lovely family.. We were having BBQ .. wheee~ and I was super full as I ate lots of meat.. (chicken opkos) hehehe. and yea, the picture above is the pic of me gathering with my family at Tawau.. sobbs~ sobbs~ my brothers are not here to be with us.. nvm la.. as long as we are closer in the heart thou we apart b'cos of the distance.. aiseh~ hahahaha..

And how do I ended my 2012.... thinking mood : drinking coke, watching tv, sitting on couch while surfing the net.. hahaha.. FB-ing~ yeaaa~ thats how I celebrate my New Year.. I did do the countdown.. hehehe. Did I sleep early?? Yeah, I did... Amazing.. hahaha.. ok, I think I'm goin crazy here, I laugh too much, right..? hurmmm... and yea, I said too much 'hurmmm' .. what the?? :-/

As usual, thou its New Year, I'd still got up late.. :D 10 o'clock in the morning is okay right.. :) I went to town with my sys, bought some groceries and I got a new shoes.. Neli sponsored it for me.. #LUCKY ..hehehe. Perhaps I can use that shoes for work.. Yeah, I am hoping that I can get a job.. #hopesobad .. Hurmmm, I'll try to seek for job tomorrow, I hope I can get what I wanted.. Help me Jesus.. :(

So, talking about 2012, through the year, I have experienced lots of things.. Especially at school. There were things that I regret, things that I was grateful and feel blessed also things that I took it for granted.. I did a lot of mistakes but I can't say much about good deeds, only angels know my goodness in this world.. :) 
I'd learn to move on now, its a new year so I guess I need to make a new start. My past is a history and my future is a mystery. To discover the mystery of my upcoming adventure of life, I need to reform myself to be bold and more passion. Nevertheless, I need to take note one important fundamental in order to be success

Keeping up the positive mental attitude...

Since I have a very good basic of Moral Education, I guess I have no difficult to seize my knowledge.. :) I try my best to think in a good and matured way in every step that I want to take, it ain't easy but this very new year, I would like to trust my gut and walk in the way that Jesus has prepared for me.. I hope so.. God willing..

2013, please be nice to me. :)

Since its 2013, I would like to make my thirteen wishes become true this year.. God willing. On top of all, I have one main goal this year #AZAM2013, which is,

This very blessed year, I would like to be more faithful to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ..
I also would like to enter University and become a real college student, if God wills it, I wanna further my studies abroad. #GodWilling
And my thirteen wishes are :

  1. I want a job and at least work for 8 months. (if it possible, I would like to be a temporary teacher at a private school)
  2. I want to save money for my studies. I want to have at least RM3K in my acct.
  3. I want to collect more storybooks for my collection. (Novels : Malay and English)
  4. I want to be able to speak Mandarin.
  5. I want to transform my look and be pretty. #HAHAHAHA (Appearance)
  6. I want to get an excellent *flying colors* result of STPM which can make me one of the best student in my school and make my family proud of me.
  7. I would like to have Sony Xperia J as my mobile phone.
  8. I want to be able to cook by myself.
  9. I want to have birthday party with all of my best friends.
  10. I want to be a good daughter and a good youngest sister.
  11. I want to build up my mastery in speaking English.
  12. I want to have a vacation. (Outside Tawau)
  13. I want to be independent and more mature in any matter of my life.
Fheewww~ that's a very long list of my wishes for this year.. Anyway, the best word for it is #FIGHTING..!! yeah, I will try my best to make my dreams come true..I will do my best to achieve each of my every little wishes.. I pray that God will bless me and help me.. :)

Last but not least, all my love for 2012, thank you Jesus for the opportunity by letting me breath in the year of 2013.. A great passion and faith from me to go through this new adventurous year.. :)

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