Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas ^^

Happy Christmas !!!! I have waited for 11 months and 24 days to celebrate dis season of greetings.. ^^ but its worth it. I love~ Xmas so, so much.. hehehe. so, its 3.30 am and I still awake. why do you think? b'cos I can't sleep laa.. hehe. plus, I want to update about Christmas cos I might have no chance to do it later on . as the moon hide itself and the sun take over, I will be bound up with works.. since my guest are coming over at noon, and my dad's friends will come in the evening.. hope avything will run smoothly .. :)

so, Christmas.. what do I expect this year..? present? wishes? boyfriend maybe.. hahahaha. not yet for any serious relationship with any boys. I love being single.. plus, I want to avoid that thing for now.. I want to focus on my career.. hehehehe, will try to find a career. Present... hurrmm.. I'm not into it this year.. I have everything that I needed.. so that is not my priority for this Xmas.. ~winks.

this Xmas, the only thing that I wanted so bad is to celebrate this important event in my life with my friends.. Yeah babe ! :) so, dis year my guest are many. hehe. my friends from SPM batch, STPM batch and others friends from school and my acquaintance.. did I used that word correctly?? o.O
yeah..there will be lots of my friends that are coming over my house.. I hope they will enjoy this Christmas season with me.. :) This could be my last Christmas here.. I hope so.. ^^

oh yeah, I also want to put something in this entree. Christmas is also my brother's birthday.. my third brother Amsar bin Yunus a.k.a Daud.. Happy birthday bro.. May God bless you always.. You need to be rich then give all of your properties to me.. hahahaha. Nah, just kidding. All the best in your life. Thank you for teaching me lots of things since I was a kid. You are one of the reason why I grow up become a successful student.. thanks.

He has a very good date of birthday. I envy him. =,= .. Okay now, what else to say.. Hurmm, today I'd try to deal with my friends today.. to solve the conflict between us. Since new year is coming, I don't want to end this 2012 year with a tragedy. Its not fun. Moreover, I am the person that always get involved with crisis in a friendship.. hehehehe. Fight samtimes makes the bond become firm and closer, right? so I have put my best effort to make things right.. For now, let God decide the best for all of us.. Besides, I have planned lots of things for 'em this Xmas and New Year..

(from 3 Idiots movie)

Well, back to the title.. Dear Lord, I loved Chritmas so much b'cos I want to celebrate Christ . Thank you Jesus for avything that You gave me.. for avything that You have done for me and the unchanged and precious gift that You always wrapped me with is Your Love.. Thank you for always loving me and take care of me.. I will be a good girl for You.. I will try to  strengthen my faith for You.. Walk my way Jesus.. Thank you b'cos You willingly die to clean my sins. I owe You A LOT and the only thing that You ever asked me to so is to believe in Heavenly Father and You.. 

You will always be in my heart.. <3 Jesus Christ <3

Have A Merry Little Christmas

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