Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happening Saturday

Okay now, where should I start.. Ermm, lets c. So I spent my half of my day baking cookies again today.. bla,bla,bla.. ordinary job since Christmas is coming.. so I'm doing dis chocolate cookies.. can't explain much bout it, just take a look at it below..

it looks pretty n its a bit hard to do.. cos my backbone hurts when I did dis cookies.. hurmm, not just dat my eyes also sgt kuyu.. =,=

my first sister oso busy..

my 2nd sister helping me.. =)

my house was a bit messy today due to some renovation.. plus, a group of caroling (from my mom's church) are coming over at 8.30 pm, so I nid to work faster if I want to get out earlier from dis house..haha. I'l talk about it later.. Just check out my house today..

 my living room..there's a ladder in the middle.. hehe. dunno where else to put.
 my christmas tree.. also in the middle of living room..hehe
 my dining room.. a bit messy cos were making cookies..
 a new look ! ^^

after I finished making half of my choco cookies around 6.30 pm, I went upstairs to get ready to go to wedding event.. Its my classmate, Farah, her sister wedding.. I also make this event as an excuse for me to go out and not be able to join caroling from my mother's church..hahaha.. I'm being cruel.. but its better for me to save myself.. :D

but I'm not so mean cos I made drinks n a cake for 'em.. I forgot take pic of it.. I made 'cincau susu' and chocolate cake for 'em.. Nyum, nyum~ I told 'em to come at 8.30 pm, rite.. but they come half an hour early !! darn it.. I have to hide at the back of my house so they won't c me.. hahahaha.. I feel like stupid behind.. Andik, (my fren who sapos to fetch me) come very late.. I guess 8.30 pm he came with Boboi.. What the!

Okay, move on to the next story.. I arrived at Kompleks Sukan Tawau, where the wedding was held inside hall.. Woah~ Red ! I can't believe they choose color red as the colour theme. It was beautiful.. I mean their wedding decoration elegant and gorgeous !! Luckily I wear red casual blouse that time.. Just perfect! haha.. and so we eat, I was so excited when I saw 'daging' !! Wooo~ I rili love eating meat.. but I dunno what kind of meat that I ate that time,,whether its 'lembu' or 'kambing', I'm not sure.. most important thing, its delicious~ !! I enjoy my food A LOT ! cos oso got mango mix with green tomato, what??! I never try it before but I rili, rili like it ! hahahaha..

Only me, Boboi, Andie, Norma n Noy (Realis's team) went to dis wedding.. the rest cannot make it.. :(
but we having a great time together.. we snap a few photos.. but I didn't have photo with Farah.. =( but Norma have it.. I'l take from her next time.. so, this was my moment wedding.

the wedding day as I said..

 Noy and Norma..
 Me, with Andie on my left and Boboi on my right.. sweet !
 Andie and Noy.. Noy is like wearing contact lens laa..hehe
 Me and beautiful Norma..

Red to and Boboi.. ^^

I look tired here.. took so long to take dis pic.. I was tired of smiling.. hahaha.

oh ya, I got two beautiful gift from dis wedding.. I LOVE IT !! :)

The box wrapped with green ribbon is the special one that Farah prepared for us.. The big one is from her mom.. hehe. Advance cos I got two....
Inside it is....

I rili love that glass bottle.. ^^  oso that 'potong kuku'.. I rili nid one cos I lost mine! hahaha..

from the wedding ceremony, about 10 pm, I didn't go straight to home, cos I dun want to back home early, so the three of us (me, Boboi and Andie) went to town at Empire hang out, drink and eat SAYAP PANGGANG... Nyum ! Nyum ! it was cool ! we talked a lot..while eating.. lots of people there, I rili love the wind blew on me.. feel so cold yet calm.. while texting with Keyna, Rierien and Esh, they told me to go home cos it was late night oready..but I ignore them.. I wanna have fun tonight.. hahaha.. Near 11.30 pm we decided to go home.. but I dun want the night to end.. I love hanging out with my friends.. thou I'm the only girl with two guys..hehe. They are good friends of mine. :)
I arrived at home near 12 o'clock I guess.. who cares? hahaha..

when I arrived, I nid to continue making chocolate cookies.. Luckily, I'm not tired.. Thanks to my Insomnia, I am very active at night, so I have good energy at night..hehe. This is it ! My choolate cookies.. =)

cute right.. hehehe.. I finished at 2 am and I started surfing internet until right now blogging.. hehe. I guess I nid to get on my bed now cos first thing in the morning I nid to clean my house then went shopping with my sisters.. =)  I love shopping..

I'l close today story with the picture of my Christmas tree.. in rememberence of my unforgettable Saturday night hanging out to wedding event and went to town late night.. ^^ super awesome !!

can't wait for Christmas.. ^^ God bless me..

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