Wednesday, 12 December 2012


The very special date..n full of memories.. people were excited bout dis date, n I am one of it 'cos lot of things happened to me on dis date.. First of all, I'm FREE on dis day.. m no longer a student.. I finished my sch today, my last STPM exam , my last day wearing sch unform, my last day going to sch (as a student), n shud be the last day of it. ^^ I know I have done lots of mistakes dis one n a half year as a student, but I'd try to best as I could. I'l transform myself when I walk into new year of 2013.. only a few days ahead..

On dis date, I have paper BM1 exam at 2pm.. It was a bit confusing.. I was stress.. I'm too afraid.. Dunno y. I hope avything just fine.. As soon as we hear the wisel from the teacher in charge, my fren burst into shout.. I was smiling.. This is it.. The final end of our journey together as REALIS.. I rili miss them.. We gona take a diff road after dis.. We might not see each other so often, but we try to be close in our heart.. Till death separate our body but not our soul.. =)

So we spent almost 20 mins capturing pictures before we heading home.. These are some photos that I love the most... Well, I love all of it.. But  I can only upload a few of it.. Check it out..
This is my lovely friends.. On my left, Keyna.. On my right, RieRien.. I'm in the middle..hehe

This is me with my OC group.. On my left, Putlih n on my right is Sue.. I love them both.. ^^

I'l try to upload the rest of the photos next time..hehe. I'm gonna miss sch period.. Thou dis sch left so much pain, yet also give me so much happiness.. The great thing is, I finally free from all of sophisticated things that crowded my life..

Back to 12-12-12, I spent my day at ABC after finished exam.. Then I went shopping with my sys.. Back home having rest for awhile, then busy baking cookies.. Since Christmas is around the corner, I was busy baking n cleaning my house.. So much work to do.. Yet still cant overcome my insomnia.. I still hard to sleep at night.. Such a nuisance..

So, the date of 12-12-12 is just a number..ordinary wednesday but lots of things happened that make dis day special.. In short, thou REALIS 2011/2012 end today, our friendship has no ending.. I love all of you .tagging : Sue, Putlih, Dira, Rina, Keyna, Rynn, Eija, Farah, Norma, Noy, Andi n Boboi.. 12-12-12 is the number of my dearest classmates of REALIS at SMK TAWAU.. Goodbye sch and welcome myself to a new world of grown up girl..

All the best for the next, next day.. May God bless me always. Amen,

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