Monday, 24 December 2012

Be Not Judge

Less than 23hrs to go before Christmas Day.. while laying on my bed , in front of laptop and listening to Greyson Chance's song 'Sunshine and City Lights' ..its a cold and calm night right now.. but there's no moon.. :( its a short day today.. I got up at noon, then I went to Eastern Plaza around 1 pm until 6 pm.. It was full of test when I was there.. test for my patience and my faith.. to summarize my experience dealing with 5 hours that fulls of temptation, I'll write a short motivating essay.. I guess.. hahaha.

I know very well how it feels to be judge. I also judge people sometimes. and yet people love to judge me frequently. They'll judge me like they wanna throw me into hell. Judging isn't a good thing. I'd learn my lesson. We shouldn't judge people 'cos if we did, we will also confront the same thing that we did to others. I'd remember an English quotes 'what goes around, comes around' and 'what you give is what you get' . That is why people tends to say that life is like a wheel, we're living in a circle so we will face every corner of life.. Once we're up, we will also back to the bottom.. but does it 100% true? and do you really wanna deal with ups and downs throughout your life?

Okay, we really can't run from facing the ups and downs in life. Its a common thing. but why not we try to change our concept of life. For me, I'd love to compare life like 'climbing the mountain'.. Arr~ how about that? think.. think.. okay, you know, in our life, we have our own goals, am I right? so 'climbing' is the journey to achieve our goals. along the process, that's our life.. and while we climb the mount, we will have to deal with lots of rocks and stream or even wild creatures.. these are the things that we called ATTEMPTS. we need to the deal with these things. sometimes, people can't stand these attempt because they are not passionate and they did not have a strong heart to overcome their problems. That's why many people were such a loser. they don't want to fight for the life..

Only the strongest will survive...

We need to be bold. We will found many roads on the way to the top, so we also need to be clever to choose only the best decision for our life. In terms of this, we aren't only have to clever in planning our strategies, but we also need to pick the right people to help us in our life. 'Be careful in picking friends' . Absolutely. Nowadays, there are so many hypocrite person. They are good in front, but a backstabber behind. They are nice at a good time but they'll be cruel at the bad time. Its hard to find the real friend, I really meant it. But, in all this, just have the positive think that these 'bad friends' were sent by God to test our faith. We live in this world not to find friends only, but the real mission is to learn about our God. 'cos in the end, we'll be alone when we entered the new world after we die.. and we will be alone in our own grave for sure. There's no friends that gonna come along in our grave,right?  :) 

No matter how lonely you feel without friends at your side, never forget that God always be there for us... We never notice Him besides us. 

My advice is try our best to be a good friends to others and never try to persecute your friends. If they did to you, don't do the same. otherwise, you'll be the same like them. I know we are hurt inside, but let time heal it and be near to God, He will help us to get over it.. Don't hate them also, but pray for them.. afterall, they used to be your friends right.
If there is no retaliation in the world, be not worry because in the afterlife (akhirat) it will await for them. Believe in karma.

A very long journey of our life, right? I know humans are not perfect. I am not a perfect person also. I have my own weakness. But I learn from everything that happened to me. I don't want to be a naive person. to think rationally and be matured are the main element in every actions that I take. some people might not understand my way, but if they think at the bright side, they will get it. Just wait for them to grow up. :)

On top of all, life is full wonderful things. Even our 'Blues Monday' is also a good thing if we think positively. Try not to be easily manipulated by words of people. sometimes, hearing people tots and entirely believe it will only makes things getting worst. so believe in what your heart say. Don't be arrogant and too egoistic until you keep aside the right thing to do. We never know that we have done mistakes until we regret. That time, when we look back to the day that we have made a stupid action, we will know how stupid we were. the worst thing is we cannot turn back the time in order to put thing the way it supposed to be. And again, things cannot back to normal ever again.

Don't ever think that we are perfect inside and outside. We have our own weakness. Just live our life to the fullest. If we are meant to lose something, then let it go. We can't keep everything that we love. Just walk and climb until you manage to be on the top. When you did it, there are two main things that you should do.

See above - not for you to be proud of your glory, but to be THANKFUL to GOD. HE is the reason why you can achieve your goals in life. Remember God always.

See below - for you to be humble and down to earth. don't be too proud of ourselves. Just be the person like you were at the beginning. We don't have to shout and tell everyone that we're good, its more than enough to let God know it. :)

One important key of life is FAITH.

Him (God)

So that is my short motivating essay.. I guess it short..hehehe. Anyway, may God bless us all. Amen. :)

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