Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Perks of Being a Law Student

Near the end of May, I'm not feeling good. Or even bad. I'm feeling empty.

The perks of being a Law Student : You know you're screwed.

All those whom study in Law School, they are aware of 'nothing is impossible in Law School'. Like it or not, if you choose to be in Law School, you should foresee that you will face a lot of sh*t. As time goes by, you started to lose hopes and and you just feel that you wanna die.

Unlike other faculties, the students were busy memorizing facts and process, but for Law students, they need to discover what are the issues, what law to apply (the complete procedures of law, with the correct flow of section need to be mention), not they forget that they also need to include the authority to support their arguments (this is the part where A LOT of students wanna cry because they are required to READ TONS OF CASES to be included in their answer script). And the answer did not stop there, the crucial part will be the application of the laws and cases that you have cited to the present situation. Here, they are required to give strong arguments why they choose this and this instead of that that.. They need to defend their answer strongly just like the Great Wall of China.. And only after they have bla bla bla, they will conclude their arguments and rest his answer.. Within two or three hours to write that, and study for almost 6 months to answer in hours of all the things that you have learn, how's that?

Yeah.. Exam is crazy. Totally crazy. You learn all the syllabus for eight subjects and for each subject you are only gonna sit exam for three hours to apply all the crazy facts and cases that you have studied. CRAAZYYY..

Oh yeah, not to mention, final exam is not the only one, Law student will also have to work hard for their carry marks!!! While carry marks is super hard to get, what more do you expect for final exam?

Carry marks will include tutorials, presentations, assignments, test and etc. Usually carry marks will takes 30% to 40% of final marks, while the rest is up to final exam.. So, talking about carry marks.... I don't really like it.

I did not shine a lot for my carry marks, so what do you expect my final exam will be?

Seriously, last semester, my worst carry marks for test in only 12.5/25. And todayyyy, the even worst carry mark for my test is 1/25!!! Can you imagine how I feel???? I screwed it all for my Family Law!!! I don't know why I can't carry this subject bcos this is the most easy to understand subject.

I think the only problem that I have is because of the lecturer. I am not matching with the lecturer. She hates me and I hate her as well. She cursed me a lot, saying that I will fail. Yeah, the power is in her hand, ofcoz her words will come true.

I don't know if I ever have chance to even pass this subject for my final, cuz I really dun want to repeat any paper for this semester, again..

I'm begging You God.. Can You help me to get out from all this mess?

I'm totally screwed up now.. I don't know what else to do to pass this subject. I can only cross fingers for my final later on.. I wanted to pass this subject so bad...

I am sad. Totally sad today. But I tried to think of the way out.

I hope God can help me.... You're my only hope now.. I don't want Family Law be the one that got away from me.. Help me to pass this subject pleaseee... :'( :'(

And help me to keep my passion grow stronger and don't let me to be weak bcos of the carry marks..

And I say all this things, put in God's hand to help me solve it.. Amen..

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