Saturday, 6 April 2013

I Wish I Can Get A Job

Hmmmm.. Its been almost 4 months I'm staying at home yet still can't find a job.. I really want to work, but I just can't for the time being.. :(

I have an important commitment at home and I just can't let go of the responsibility.. Dear God, why me???

I need to do chores every single day.. These include cooking, washing, cleaning and everything in this house.. Argghhh... !! It's not that I don't want to do that things, but I really want to work.. But, thats it. The chores prevent me from doing anything else.. :(

Sometimes I feel bored.. I stayed at home alone every single day.. I cook everyday.. And it killing me inside when 'they' didn't eat whatever I cook.. I'm trying my best here to do everything ..

But, I realize something.. I actually learnt a lot about cooking for these few months.. I am not good at cooking before, but now I actually improve my cooking skills. Well, that will helps me a lot in the future when I have my own family later.. HA-HA-HA

And now, I want to bake again.. Its been a long time since I didn't baking.. I miss myself before.. Who loves to bake cake.. Hmmmm, I will do it again !! :)

And, and.. I read a lot of motivational books nowadays.. To improve my sense of positivity.. It helps me a lot to think in a new perspective and avoid negative thinking.. After all, I am a BOOKAHOLIC.  hahahaha.. Its sounds weird, right.. But thats me. I love books more than any things. :)

I'm praying so hard now, hoping that God will help me to find a job.. :( Help me God.....

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