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March 18, 2013 >> STPM RESULT DAY

Hello my dear blog, it's been awhile...

I'm sorry for abandon  you for a such a long period.. Well, I went to a hard moments and I just don't have the time to spill it out in here.. But now I came to give a great story.. A story about the UNBELIEVABLE ME.

And it all begin with a very nervous heart and soul of me.. I just can't stop praying during the day. Yes, the day of STPM RESULT.. I feel empty inside yet my body was shaking all the way to school.. I am totally nervous to see the result at my sch, in front of my teachers and friends, so I've decided long time ago to check it via SMS. Which I did in a bus, just near to my sch. I am very impatient that moment.

I was typing pretty fast and I close my eyes waiting for the reply.. And then it comes into my inbox. I can see my phone blink which means there's an incoming message.. And so, I open it but with my closed eyes.. I read it carefully, 

RM0.20 STPM : My ID
Keputusan STPM
900 (A)
910 (A)
922 (A)
940 (A)

MY DEAR LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BANGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was shot on my head, was stabbed on my stomach and was killed at the second I read the text above.

No. no. no. I absolutely didn't believe it.. I was like a mad person in the bus. I just can't wait to arrived at sch immediately. I could die if I didn't take my slip and confirmed my result.. I was running like crazy.. I can't wait any longer..

When I arrived in front of the meeting's room, my teachers called my name and told me to hurry up to open my slip.. But my hand was shaking and I know I can't even opened it by myself.. I told them that I have checked via SMS but I didn't believe it.. So, Puan Sham do me a favor.. She opened my slip.
My heart was pounding from head to toe, waiting for Puan Sham tell me the truth of my result.. And then...

(I have to hide my ID with that pink kaler - edited)

So, this is it.. My STPM result. I am very GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to my dear GOD.. There is no words to describe my gratitude to my God, family, teachers and friends.. When Puan Sham said.' Ye, betul. 4 flat !!!' I was screaming like hell and I hug her.. While I was crying in her arms, I can only said 'Saya tak percaya cikgu, tak percaya...'

Its a blessing from God.. Anugerah yang terindah. Thank You Jesus..
I am lost of words now, so just take a look of some photos that I wanted to share..

 This is a photo of me and Yoe Yee How. I forgot how to spell his name.. He's the best student for Science Stream.. Such a clever boy. I am the best student for Art (Aliran Kemanusiaan).

 Me, with Cikgu Taufik (Guru PA1) and Yoe..

 I love this photo so much.. In the middle, Hidayu (she got 2A 2A-), from class Optimis, she's a good girl and very polite.. Same goes to the girl on the right side of her, they share the same result, and Eby is such a friendly friend.. ^,^

 Me, with my classmetes.. From the left, Noy, Rieynn, Me, Putlih and Sue.. We share a great day together.. 

 Noy, Putlih and Sue.. We were at Pizza Hut celebrating our day.. Andik treat us . Thanks Andik. 

 With my BM teacher, Cikgu Marlina.. :)

Last but not least, Me, Rieynn and Andik. :)

My unforgettable day of March 18. I'm just a simple girl, and I never thought that I could get such an amazing STPM result and I never thought that I could be on the TOP 5 Best Student for STPM in Sabah.. Such a great honour and a spectaular gift from God.

I'd remember that I always wish I can get 4flat in STPM, become the best student in SMK TAWAU, and also one of the best student in Sabah. When God fulfilled my wishes, I just can't believe it.. I don't know why God treat me so good.. One thing for sure, after all the hardship that I have face, this is how God pay me.. HE gave me the happiness that I could not imagine. God, I am very thankful even until today..

March 18, the day my life changed.......

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