Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hectic Second Semester

Its been a week already since 2nd semester started. One word to describe my 2nd semester, BUSY.

Like seriously.. I dunno how on earth I will end up to have so many works to do during my 2nd semester.. Woah.. Seriously, my goal for 2nd semester is only to achieve much better pointer and upgrade my result to much much better. Really, I ain't telling a fairytale story here, I really need to get pointer 3 above this sem. If not, I WILL DIE.

I dun wanna die young so I will have to work really really hard this sem, and I dun give a damn to any excuses from myself anymore. I need to treat myself very very strict so that I can achieve something for this sem.

Not to forget, I also got a few responsibilities this sem for my college and faculty.

For faculty, I am involved in TIE-rrific Run which will be held in one month to come. Since I am under Publicity Bureau, I will have to promote everything regarding this event to everyone regardless anyone in this campus. Bear in mind that I will have to be brave to promote this thing and I shall not be shy-shy-cat or close-my-mouth because I need to be talkactive or simply said like-a-clown to promote this event. Never mind, I'll just assume that this is the training for me to networking with people around my campus. So, fighting for this event!

For college is bit hell, hahaha. I'm involved with all that 'seni' stuff. Pfftttt.... =.=

Since I am a member of JKP Kreatif, so I will be involved with the Festival Seni or FESENI thing. Need to lend a hand for Ambang FESENI, FESENI Opening, Ekspresi Seni Lukis, and also not to forget my participation in Manifestasi Puisi. And yeah, second biggest event that drive me like crazy is Malam Kebudayaan Borneo and I am the informal MC for that event.. So crazzzyyyyy... Omo omo...

So, all the things that I joined for this sem had made me need to attend plenty of meeting in the evening and night. So, I was quite worry that it will effect my studies. I really need to manage my timetable very well so hat I won't be left behind with my studies. I need to work on this sem.

I can do it! Motivate myself everyday.. Fighting! Fighting May!!!

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