Sunday, 17 June 2012

Celebrating the events .. ^,^

Big grin on my face.. hehehe. Yesterday, my family n I celebrated Father's Day n my sys's bufday, Nelly..

early in the morning before dat, I went to sch for kokum.. so tired.. then, I went out wif my frens n head back home at 2pm.. but then, I went back to town, went for shopping wif my sys.. woah~ pretty tired for a day.. at night, we have dinner as a family.. I was too sleepy while I was eating.. unfortunately, I sleep very late last night.. I went to bed at 1 a.m. :'(  hard to sleep..

we took a few pictures last night.. :')

 a picture of me n my sys.. there are chicken (nyum2x) n a cake there.. my fevret cake, chocolate cheese cake from Secret cost RM92 (plus G-tax ofcoz).. omg! so expensive ! but, super delicious !!

dis is my sys, Nelly .. smile~

n dis is me..hehehe..

while dis is the cake..dat cost almost a hundred.. looks weird, rite? but, TRUST ME.. dun judge a cake by its appearance cuz dis cake is super duper yummy n marvelous .. heavenly !

rite now, m pretty hungry. so I wanna grab some food downstairs.. I'l update my story next time..

from time to time, I'l stay strong.. for dis feeling inside.. I'l keep it.. not gonna destroy it. ~winks.

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