Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Heart Breaks..but not Breakeven.

Yeah.. 1st day of sch was not fun at all.. It was WORST, HORRIBLE n HEARTBREAKING.. m very PISSED OFF !!!!!!!!!!. but entirely b'coz of my own mistakes jgk.. :'(  ..first thing in de morning, we have assembly.. bad morning ! I was laughing (juz a little) but then my teacher (classic literature) scolded me by simply saying "whats so funny,hah??!!" ..o my feelin !! das hurts laa !.. how shame I was at de moment.. juz be patient laa, what else can I do..wasn't my mistake baa at dat time. One of dis teacher approached me n asking me, y did my class only have one boy standing in front (assembly), where r the rest?. so I burst into laugh laa.. but mr.M (my teacher) was pissed. ;p

so, we have a long day during assembly.. hahahaha.. so great laa ! sakit kaki saya !.. I was daydreaming during assembly, so I didn't bother to hear ol the input during assembly.. ~winks. back to my class, me have MUET period.. dun remind me, next month (July), I will sit on my Muet exam... grrrr~ so scared laa ! Nid to work harder dis month. I dun care bout sport day anymore.. troublemaker btl !

... I wana tell bout what happened during the last two periods.. I was so sleepy at dat time, n my teacher keep on babbling in front, I juz ignored it.. ;p ...can't stand laa. I rili nid to sleep dat time. :'( ..when he gave me my paper, he laughed at me cuz I only got 82% .. sobbs~ sobbs~ ..I know, it was bad.. n he told me "tanda-tanda awal sudah" .. HA-HA ..so funny yaa.. juz like a symptom yaa. ;p

anyway, I'll try my best next exam.. ^^,  I promise myself, I dun wan my teacher to look down at me.. n I down wan to look down on myself also.. Its about time for me to realize that I nid to do something. I still have time. Dun trust anyone who said dat I'm running out of time, cuz I haven't. Btw, the last thing dat I wana do wif numbers is to catch up. ;p

I used to be a very positive girl, I did ol de time. But my head is full of things..kinda imaginative. U know, I love to imagine lots of things..the important n not important things.. It waste my time, but I can't help myself.. :(
I didn't force my brain to think of it, but I always did it, not in purposely.. I dunno how to avoid it.. I'll think of samting..to help out my brain from doing such thing..hehe

Its kinda late at night now, but I still can't sleep.. I'll die by tomorrow.. I'l be sleepy at sch. My goodness. Y do I have to get Insomnia.. Its killing me.. :'(

Last but not least, no matter what will happen dis coming morning, I dun wan to be sad. dun wan to be frown. no,no,no !! juz put a smile on my face, n get over it.. ~winks ^^,

p/s : I saw him, dunno if he saw me.. My heart race, its hurting me.. but I'll stand my ground.. :)

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