Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Who I Am in Your Heart and Eyes??

I wana tell u something, friend ...

" Things were not de same anymore. Its diff now. Between u n I. What happened? Our friendship isn't de same like we used to be. :'(  Its getting hard for me. I dunno how u feel, but I feel worst. Its killing me, pushing me down wif dis friendship. I wana go out. Let me free. I dun want to stuck in dis situation anymore, if you feel dat u have found ur happiness without me at ur side, then I'l accept it. I'l go, I'l walk away. I'm not a toy here. I'm not a dead-living-girl. I'm your friend, or was your friend. I hate the fact dat you will walk away from me without telling me goodbye. Dun u care bout my feelin?? (feels like I wana cry out loud now). You leave me, friend ! I hate that. That I depends too much on you. He's right, he once said that pp changed, n so does you. You hurt me now. You made me feels like I'm a 'rubbish'. Your acts show that you didn't need me anymore. I get you. You have your own life, n so does me. So, I'l leave you behind now. Dun blame me, if someday when you try to find me again, I'm not there. Cuz I'm sick of waiting for pp that didn't appreciate me. Who thinks that I'm a super cool that you can have me or waste me as you like. You are so wrong. I wana be a friend not a toy. Yes, I'm pretty mad now. Mad, b'coz my friend didn't assume me as their friend. I was just a spare part. Rite? Thats hurt.. totally hurt. I'l take my time to forget all of you. Cuz I know how strong I am. I can survive without you. May you find your own happiness. Goodbye, ex-friend.


I wish I can tell you dat.. If only you know what I feel inside my heart. I hate it. I wana delete it. I dun wana hate my own friend. Do you know, dat next to God n my family, friends are the most important pp in my heart? I'm willingly to sacrifice avything just for my friends.. But, not avyone can do dat. :'(
I lost a friend.. 

I'l find a new one in the future. For the time being, God will be my best friend. He will not gona let me go.

When I find a new friend, I'l say "dun let me go" . Never do like they did.

Lets change the mood. I'l let you go. I oready take my time. I can accept the fact now. I'm setting out for something new. so, goodbye my past .. =.=

Looking forward for sch to be open again.

Last but not least, I love you Jesus.. ^,^

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