Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hey.. Its Me.. Still May .

Its been a long time, rite?? What shud I say here.. I'm out of words cuz I'm out of mind oready.. My feelin rite now : COMPLICATED. okay, here's de thing, I got bad result for my recent exam.. so, what shud I do?? I feels like I wana jump from a cliff.. oh my God ! I'd promise myself before that I'll put my best effort for my exam.. but, what happened?? I was just playing around all the time.. Bloody hell !! I'm playing a love game ! A stupid game dat had made me go down hill during exam.. So~ good la May.. Dun u know dat u look like an idiot rite now.. ?? :[

M goin to talk about my exam.. so, everything when smooth during Mac, until April knock de door to get in n tell Mac to get out.. APRIL..oh my April. ! what happened during April?? I dun even remember n can't recall it.. I was busy wif sport (not dat I really into dis thing actually).. the result --->> I was damn so tired n most of time was used to SLEEP.. oh he** !! .. Insomniac huh?? Yes, I AM !! but, when it comes to sleepy matter, I can't help myself.. I will sleep like I never did before, n I can sleep for many hours.. Trust me. I dun mind if I didn't got up..

The thing is, b'coz pf my uncontrolable sleep hour, I didn't have ANY time to study for my exam.. N again, last-minute-study is what they called it !. I was thinking at dat moment, they were so WRONG for giving me the title "PELAJAR HARAPAN" during MAPEC.. My goodness, TIADA kesedarankah May?? what happen to you?? You r so-not-like-this kind of person.. There must be something.. some kind of distraction to me..

Yes,there is something happening. I was busy flirting wif someone.. Again, I can't control dis stupid feelin inside of me.. Heart view can be suck samtimes, isn't it?? Oh Heaven, y shud I feel a love at dis moment.. I am a jerk ! Admit it, I like-him-damn-so-much, but face de fact dat I can't-have-him-thou I rili wanted him! HA-HA . so, is it worth to get a bad result for my exam just b'coz of my stupid feelin towards a guy?? The answer is : NO May. That shudn't happened.

M very confused rite now.. I shudn't be like dis.. I rili nid some changes. I dunno what is the thing dat stopping me or blocking me here. I dun think dat there's anything stopping me. My prob is just ME. I'm de main prob here. I still didn't realize de reality now..

Free advice : If  u rili wanted him, get ur weapon (n what is that could be??) n shoot him, then u get him. so, your weapon here May is ur education. In order to get someone into ur arms is thru ur brain, ur excellent result n U b'kam a successfull person, my dear ! Cuz, u can't depends on ur face (I'm not pretty at all nor I hav any beautiness on myself) .. I can only depends on my cleverness (a Gift from GOD)..

so May, what shud u do now? U still have 6 days before you go back to sch (means, the sch-break is over).. U need to change. Finish whatever ur's undone things. Two days to settle avything n I challenge u, MYSELF !! U can make it n u absolutely can do it May.. :)

p/s : realization time. Hey guy, I love you but I need to improve myself first before I can flirt wif u again..hahahaha. *kidding.

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